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About us

We understand your needs, what you previously rented and how you want us to deliver. If we do not yet, we gladly find out in a personal interview.

David van Schie
David van Schie, Managing director

‘My lovely wife, a team of enthusiastic staff members and I are on the road every day to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.’

What this means is that in the middle of the night, my wife gives me a shove because the telephone is ringing. A whole lot of beer has been drunk and would I be so kind as to bring over a couple of extra barrels …

I may be the Director, but you will not find me comfortably seated in a leather chair in the office. I want to be as close to our clients as I can get so I know what’s going on. I do a job in the middle of the night, and am out and about with my wife Renee visiting clients and meeting new people.

Customer oriented and a personal service. This is how it has always been. Over the last few years, we have spotted lots of opportunities and have grabbed them with both hands to grow our company. This is only the beginning! I am so very proud of this wonderful company.

Renee van Schie
Renee van Schie, Sales & HR

I have worked at David van Schie Party Rental since 2004 and felt at home straightaway. In my role as secretary, I managed his business calendar and a couple of years later I also managed his personal calendar.

I am now part of the sales team, but as the company grows, the personnel issues become more and more important. David and I look forward to visit our clients and trade fairs. This helps me keep abreast of the latest developments in the sector.

Nora Zandvliet
Nora Zandvliet, Sales

I could not resist a vacancy that said ‘Are you spontaneous, presentable and do you bake pies for your colleagues once in a while?’.

I have been part of the most fun-loving sales team in the region since the beginning of 2017. I would be pleased to go through your order with you right down to the last detail so that I can send a suitable quotation.